Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Grey Bouchard & the Dedications Cover Huey Lewis and the News

Photo by Lauren Piandes
Huey Lewis and the News are just one of those bands I never got into, even at their height in the 80's. I'm sure I knew they were cool, but they just never did it for me. They did it for a lot of people, and still do. Inspired by re-watching Back to the Future, Gray Bouchard & the Dedications have decided to make the latest installment of their quarantunes series be a cover of "Power of Love." Once again, their decision might have been divine intervention. Gray Bouchard & the Dedications are masters of mimicking the huge over the top 80's sound needed for any Huey Lewis and the News cover. Sure, this one might be a little sloppy at times, but it's the kind of fun that's just a little bit silly, and we can all use that right now.

You can watch the video for Gray Bouchard & the Dedications's cover of "Power of Love" below. For more on Gray Bouchard & the Dedications, check out Gray Bouchard's website.

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