Friday, May 29, 2020

Skullcrusher - "Day of Show"

Photo by Silken Weinberg
Skullcrusher (aka Los Angeles based musician Helen Ballentine) is back with another single that doesn't fit the name of the project at all. "Day of Show" starts off disguised as an indie folk song... until the synths come in. Slowly it morphs into a more dream pop infused with shoegaze song. It creates this dreamy, hazy feel which is kind of perfect for laying around the house in the summer heat while under quarantine.

Ballentine says of the song: "I wrote ‘Day of Show’ on a hot day last summer in my roommate’s bedroom because mine didn’t have AC," explains Ballentine. “I felt dazed and restless from sitting around in the heat all day. It is a song about feeling trapped in yourself, unable to help yourself and reluctant to let others in. It explores the fragmented behavior and thoughts that arise from this feeling: a kind of daydreaming that can be really creative but also the darkness that also exists there. It’s musically inspired by a lot of the shoegaze music I listen to.”

You can watch the video for "Day of Show" below. Skullcrusher's debut self-titled EP will be out June 26 on Secretly Canadian. You can pre-order it here. For more on Skullcrusher, check out the artist's Bandcamp and Instagram.

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