Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Spelks - "The Happy Places"

Spelks is going to make a lot of 90's indie rock fans happy. Hailing from Newcastle, Spelks is Jonathan Sabiston who wrote and plays everything himself. His first single, "The Happy Places," is a bedroom recording, but bedroom recordings are quite different now than they were in the 90's. "The Happy Places" is lo-fi, sure, but it's a huge lo-fi sound. This is reminding me a lot of The Sheila Divine's later material. Part of that is Sabiston's vocals are quite reminiscent of Aaron Perrino's, but musically it's very similar. Spelks are giving us fuzzy guitars and huge hooks, but in a more mature, almost laid back package.

You can listen to "The Happy Places" below. The single is available now via Montgomery Records. For more on Spelks, check out the artist's Facebook.

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