Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Loyal Seas - "(So Far from) Silverlake"

Photo by Ann Sullivan-Cross

The Loyal Seas are a collaboration between Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses) and Brian Sullivan (Dylan in the Movies). The two met in the 90's at Fort Apache Studios, and have collaborated a number of times since. The duo are releasing their first album in May, and "(So Far from) Silverlake" is its first single. The song is a beautiful slice of dream pop. Donelly's voice instantly elevates any song she sings on. Not that "(So Far from) Silverlake" needs much elevation. It's done as a duet with Donelly and Sullivan trading off verses and harmonizing. This is a perfect first song for the official band of two long time collaborators. 

Tanya Donelly explains the origins of her new band's name:

“Band names are tricky. We came up with some interesting ones,” recalls Brian. “Our relationship is very 'brother and sister' - that's where the ‘loyal’ part comes in. To me, family means loyalty. Brian’s anam cara to me, a soul friend. We are also ocean animals, that had to be in there somewhere.”

You can watch the video for "(So Far from) Silverlake)" below. Strange Mornings in the Garden due out May 20 on American Laundromat Records, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on The Loyal Seas, check out the band's Instagram and Twitter.

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