Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Freebie: MC Paul Barman & Jordan Katz - LOVECORE

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes a new EP from MC Paul Barman and Jordan Katz. For LOVECORE, Jordan Katz produces, mixes, and plays all the instruments, while MC Paul Barman provides lyrics and vocals. It fits right into Barman's catalog. It's relatively laid back and jazzy music with Barman rapping much more intensely. The vocals don't exactly fit with the music, but they do somehow perfectly. A song like "$1M/Bar" shows this off. It has an ultra-chill almost space jazz feel with Barman rapping more aggressively. "Denim Denial" is one of Barman's more spoken word songs. LOVECORE is a great new direction for an artist I've been following for almost two decades that still keeps right in his specialty.

You can listen to "Fall In Love With Yourself" below. LOVECORE is available for the "name your price" option on Bandcamp. If you do choose the free option, be sure to give MC Paul Barman a follow on Facebook.

1 comment:

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