Friday, February 18, 2022

Benny Sizzler - "So Much for Today"

Benny Sizzler are a band that is going to defy your expectations. First, they may be from Newport, RI but don't have a sound anything like the famous festivals or anything that city's mansion dwellers would listen to. Second, the band features Gail Greenwood of Belly, but they sound absolutely nothing like her other more well known band. No, Benny Sizzler's new single is heavy. This is the kind of heavy that Greenwood got to play with during her time in L7. I hesitate to call "So Much for Today" a metal song, but if it isn't it's snuggled right up next to metal. This is a loud as hell song with pounding drums and blistering guitar solos. 

You can watch the video for "So Much for Today" below. The song is available as a single via Bandcamp. For more on Benny Sizzler, check out the band's website.


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