Monday, October 10, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 30 September 2022

Artist: Fujiya and Miyagi
Album: Slight Variations
Quick Thoughts: I can't quite remember how I discovered Fujiya and Miyagi, but I've been a fan since "Collarbone" and haven't looked back. Some efforts have been better than others, but I have to say that Slight Variations feels like a return to form for an act that never really lost it, but never quite reached their heights again. I really loved this listen, both as a fan and otherwise, check this one out.
Songs of Note: "New Body Language," "Feeling the Effects (Of Saturday Night)"

Artist: Titus Andronicus
Album: The Will to Live
Quick Thoughts: I have struggled with Titus Andronicus over the years, as they're a band I want to like a lot more than I do. But The Will to Live? Exactly what I've wanted to hear from this band for however long I've been aware of them. Really grungy, dirty indie rock with just the right balance throughout? Sign me up.
Songs of Note: "My Mother is Going to Kill Me," "(I'm) Screwed," "Baby Crazy," "All Through the Night"

Artist: SMALL
Album: Decathexis
Quick Thoughts: SMALL is anything but, with a sharp indie rock sound that we love here. Would be worth the time in a busy week, but in a a lighter one it's even more critical, because songs like "Coyote" are going to get stuck in your head right away and not want to leave. Absolutely worth your time.
Songs of Note: "Coyote," "CC"

Artist: Pretty Sick
Album: Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile
Quick Thoughts: Gotta love an album cover with vomit all over the place, but there you have it. Pretty Sick makes pretty... sick... indie rock with that alternative sheen, and it just works. Not much to say except that you should make it part of your rotation.
Songs of Note: "Drunk," "Bound," "Self Fulfilling Prophecy"

Of note:

* Steven Page - Excelsior (Latest solid solo effort from the former Barenaked Lady.)
* Tyler Childers - Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven (8 good songs 3 good ways.)
* Freedy Johnston - Back on the Road to You (His best effort in decades.)
* Maryanna Devlin - A Great Many Things
* OFF! - Free LSD
* The Bad Plus - The Bad Plus
* Bjork - Fossora
* Yawn Mower - To Each Their Own Coat
* The Advisory Circle - Full Circle
* Bloods - Together, Baby!
* Perera Elsewhere - Home
* Mamalarky - Pocket Fantasy
* Shygirl - Nymph
* Lung - Let It Be Gone
* Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down
* Sure Sure - Spirit Mission
* Beverly Kills - Kaleido
* Alison Sudol - Still Come the Night
* 2nd Grade - Easy Listening
* Freya Josephine Hollick - The Real World
* Shannen Moser - The Sun Still Seems to Move
* Crow Follow - Red Velvet Radio
* The Big Pink - The Love That's Ours
* Hannah Schnieder - Ocean Letters
* Brooke Annibale - Better By Now
* Julie Odell - Autumn Eve
* Clark - 5-10
* DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ - Bewitched Singles
* Ian William Craig - Music for Magnesium_173
* Miracle Blood - Melter
* Stop the Presses - Got It


* Magic Shoppe - Patty Hearse
* clipping. - REMXNG 2.2 and REMXNG 2.3
* A+A - 060
* Melody's Echo Chamber - Unfold
* Mr. Tophat - This Is Pop
* Pixey - Dreams, Pains and Paper Planes
* Dan Wilson - Dancing on the Moon
* Sam Prekop - The Sparrow
* dodie - Hot Mess
* Sumeau - This is a Dreamix
* Grave Goods - Tuesday. Nothing Exists.
* The Cactus Blossoms - If Not For You (Bob Dylan Songs Vol. 1)

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens Remixes Vol. 1 (10 Year Anniversary)

Also out:

* Officer X - Hell is Coming
* Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Blonde (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film)
* Freddie Gibbs - $oul $old $eparately
* Bladee - Spiderr
* Kakkmaddafakka - Revelation
* Pixies - Doggerel
* Lambchop - The Bible
* Kid Cudi - Entergalactic
* Plastic Mermaids - It's Not Comfortable To Grow
* Dropkick Murphys - This Machine Still Kills Fascists

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