Friday, October 14, 2022

poolblood - "shabby"

Photo by Jibril Yassion

Toronto's poolblood (the musical project of Maryam Said) have crafted one of the loveliest country pop songs we've heard in quite some time. Of course, when you hear country pop you're probably thinking more Taylor Swift or The Chicks, but "shabby" is not that style of country pop. This is more alt-country pop with plenty of odd instrumentation and off kilter twang that makes this song stand out from the mainstream side of the genre. It's a lush song that swirls around the listener as you get entranced by Said's vocals. Most country pop is fairly by the numbers, so it's refreshing to hear such an original voice like poolblood's.

Maryam Said says of her new song and video:

“It's a trippy video celebrating friendship! I wrote this with one of my best friends in mind as I really wanted to write something to express my love for my friends."

You can watch the video for "shabby" below. mole is due out January 13 on Next Door Records. For more on poolblood, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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