Thursday, October 6, 2022

Mali Obomsawin - "Wawasint8da"

I can't think of anyone making music these days quite like Mali Obomsawin. According to a press release, their latest single, "Wawasint8da," "... is a Jesuit hymn taken from the strange story of 'The Harrowing of Hell,' an obscure religious tract that tells of Jesus traveling into hell to liberate souls who had died outside of the Catholic faith." It also includes an ancient mourning song Obomsawin was taught by a Passamaquoddy citizen. Musically the song starts off rooted in traditional folk and jazz in an almost stodgy way. It feels like "Wawasint8da" starts off almost overly traditional to make what is coming even more effective. Slowly the song starts getting more loose and warping into this dissonant version of free jazz that sounds more like a rootsy version of James Chance. "Wawasint8da" is most certainly not going to be for everyone, but it certainly deserves for everyone to give it a shot.

You can listen to "Wawasint8da" below. Sweet Tooth is due out October 28 on Out of Your Head Records. For more on Mali Obomsawin, check out the artist's website.

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