Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Orchestra Gold - "Keleya (Jealousy)"

Photo by Ginger Fierstein

Orchestra Gold are an Oakland, CA based ensemble that combine traditional Malian music with African psychedelic rock. Their latest single, "Keleya (Jealousy)," combines brass horns along with cosmic guitar licks to a hypnotic effect. The entire song is this swirling whirlwind of a song that takes time to truly let the horns, guitar, and Mariam Diakite's vocals all take the spotlight at various times. The drums tend to stay in the background, holding the entire song together throughout. This is the kind of music you can truly get lost in. Even if you try to let it play out in the background, you'll soon find yourself completely sucked in and focusing on nothing but the song.

You can listen to "Keleya (Jealousy)" below. Medicine is due out January 20. For more on Orchestra Gold, check out the band's website.

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