Monday, October 10, 2022

Travels With Brindle - "Something's Wrong"

Photo by Susan Margot Ecker

An "indie pop ukulele project" is right up our alley here at If It's Too Loud..., so we're thrilled to have a new song from Travels With Brindle, Chelsea Spear's indie pop ukulele project. "Something's Wrong" is going to immediately remind you of The Magnetic Fields, especially Claudia Gonson's songs. It has that stripped down quality along with a storytelling feel to it. It's almost even more theatrical than you would get with The Magnetic Fields despite having bare instrumentation. A lyric like "I read his emails by the glow of the Coke machine" just sets a mood completely. "Something's Wrong" is going to be nearly impossible to resist for many of us.

Chelsea Spear says of her new single:

"'Something's Wrong' is a musical establishing shot that sets the tone for the album, the way an 'I Want' song sets up the rest of a musical. You get a snapshot of who the narrator is and where she's at in her life... in this case, attending a school with high expectations and pining for someone she can't have. I hesitate to say it's a retreat into my comfort zone, but girl-group pastiches have always been my sweet spot."   

You can watch the video for "Something's Wrong" below. Notes from Undergrad is due out in 2023. For more on Travels With Brindle, check out the artist's website.

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