Monday, October 24, 2022

Orbital and Sleaford Mods - "Dirty Rat"

Photo by Kenny McKracken

What started as a remix swap between two bands has turned into a full on collaborative single. British electronica legends Orbital have released a new single with Sleaford Mods. "Dirty Rat" is exactly what we want from these two artists teaming up. It's a dance tack put together by Orbital with Jason Williamson ranting over it. It might not have quite the same venom you get with a Sleaford Mods song, but if you like your angry political rants to be able to dance to, "Dirty Rats" is for you. This is the kind of pairing I never would have asked for, but as soon as it was announced I knew I was all in.

Orbital's Paul Hartnoll says of the new single:

“This track is a giant capital letter. Like in the Book of Kells, where the very first letter always gets the big treatment from the monk when he’s doing his illustrated borders. It’s got that old school dance music vibe with bits of Cabaret Voltaire in there, even bits of The Shamen. It's a little bit punk rock, nice and loud. A really refreshing, ‘wake up’ kind of track. And Jason is just brilliant!”

You can watch the video for "Dirty Rats" below. Orbital's new album, Optical Delusion, is due out February 17 and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Orbital, check out the artist's website. For more on Sleaford Mods, check out theirs.

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