Friday, February 10, 2023

deadmen featuring Emily Wells - "Forget the Middle"

When producing duo deadmen visited New York City, they met with Emily Wells. The result of that meeting is a new single, "Forget the Middle." This new song is an odd but thrilling mixture of hip hop beats that feel slightly off and a string arrangement that is as disturbing as it is beautiful. The entire thing could have ended up being a jerky mess, and some might hear it that way. But "Forget the Middle" is held together by Wells' vocals. It's a blend of hip hop, electronic, classical, and pop that shouldn't quite work but does brilliantly. In a world where so much of all of these genres seems to be manufactured to be as pleasant as possible, it's refreshing to see artists willing to find in the beauty in what's jarring.

You can watch the video for "Forget the Middle" below. For more on deadmen, check out their website. Emily Wells can be found here.

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