Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Public Serpents - "When Pigs Lie"

The latest press release for Public Serpents refers to them as "New Jersey crust-ska punks," and that might be my new favorite band description of the year. The band is lead by Skwert Gunn (ex-Choking Victim) and just released a new single, "When Pigs Lie." This new song sounds a little more like traditional ska punk than the previous "Not Forever," but it's definitely a little more rough around the edges. Most ska is bright sounding and positive, but Public Serpents just sound grimy. This is ska that has seen some shit. And you can assume this one isn't about farm animals.

You can watch the video for "When Pigs Lie" below. The Bully Puppet is due out March 24 on SBAM Records. For more on Public Serpents, check out the band's website.

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