Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Goodnight, Texas - "To Hurry Things Along"

Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Goodnight, Texas is going to remind you of a lot of the mainstream folk/rock bands out there today. Their latest single, "To Hurry Things Along," could easily have just been another song you listen to once or twice and then move along with your day. But "To Hurry Things Along" just has that special factor that sucks you in. There are a lot of bands doing the folk/rock thing in 2023, so you know a band is special when it can stand out above the crowd to grab your attention the way Goodnight, Texas does on this song. They could very well be the next Bonny Light Horseman or Delta Spirit. "To Hurry Things Along" is just that good.

Singer/songwriter Avi Vinocur says of the band's new song:

"I wrote a poem in 2017 called 'To Hurry Things Along' about this spry old man who would walk his dog by my house when I was a kid. I never spoke to him, but I imagined his tobacco pipe and occasional smile concealing a deep and unshared sadness, perhaps because I too was dealing with the loss of my father a few years prior. I adapted my poem into a song about what I imagined his life to be, speaking from his perspective."

You can watch the video for "To Hurry Things Along" below. For more on Goodnight, Texas, check out the band's website.

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