Tuesday, February 28, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 24 February 2023

Artist: Gorillaz
Album: Cracker Island
Quick Thoughts: Gorillaz struck so big early that, today, people (in the United States, at least) probably know Damon Albarn from Gorillaz more than Blur. If I'm being honest, I haven't found the last decade or so of Gorillaz output to be all that compelling, but Cracker Island feels surprisingly fresh in a time where it's becoming progressively more difficult to do so. The template hasn't changed all that much, but the title track sets a tone for an album we've been waiting years for. Make time.
Songs of Note: "Cracker Island," "Oil," "Skinny Ape"

Artist: Summer Flake
Album: One Less Thing
Quick Thoughts: In a week without a ton of highlights, it's great when an indie album comes out of nowhere to impress, and the indie rock stylings of Summer Flake really did the trick for me this week. I knew it was something special early, but when a song like "Barnicle Bill" comes along and stands on its own despite the title? You know you've got something special.
Songs of Note: "One Less Thing," "Barnacle Bill," "Outta Space"

Artist: En Attendant Ana
Album: Principia
Quick Thoughts: En Attendant Ana is one of those acts that I listen to and wonder why I don't listen to them more. Principia is a gorgeous, often subtle record that grows on you as you listen. I loved the title track especially, but the whole thing is worthy of your time and is by far the best listen of the week.
Songs of Note: "Principia," "The Cutoff," "The Fears, The Urge"

Of note:

* The Abruptors - Noticeably Cheerless (The ska revival lives!)
* Philip Selway - Strange Dance (Radiohead drummer with a lovely, light effort.)
* Bridal Party - Cool Down
* Unloved - Polychrome
* Begonia - Powder Blue
* mui zyu - Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century
* quinnie - flounder
* Miss Grit - Follow the Cyborg
* Death Valley Girls - Islands in the Sky
* Grave Babies - Death Will Kill Us All
* Only a Visitor - Decay
* Free Love - Inside
* Grand River - All Above
* U.S. Girls - Bless This Mess
* Gina Birth - I Play My Bass Loud
* Jenny O. - Spectra
* Tha God Fahim - Iron Bull
* Meemo Comma - Loverboy
* VERITE - Love You Forever
* Robin Kester - Honeycomb Shades
* Carol - More Than a Goodbye
* Veil of Light - Sundancing
* Sunnbrella - Heartworn
* Polinski - Telex from MIDI City
* Saint Abdullah and Jason Nazary - Evicted in the Morning
* Snow Ghosts - The Fell


* Palm Ghosts - Cold Spells
* Channel Tres - Real Cultural Shit
* Black Honey - OK
* Faerie - dizzy spells
* Slotface - AWAKE/ASLEEP
* Loviet - The Nighttime is All In the Timing
* Abhi the Nomad, Kato on the Track - Abhi vs. Kato II: Gold Standard

Also out:

* David Brewis - The Soft Struggles
* shame - Food for Worms

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