Monday, February 6, 2023

Eight Foot Manchild - "Born Invincible"

Massachusetts' own purveyors of doombrass Eight Foot Manchild have just released a charity single. "Born Invincible" is a powerhouse of a song. It has that stoner rock sound mixed with doom metal and street brass sound we loved with their self-titled EP late last year, but "Born Invincible" seems to add in a bit more of a jazz thing and maybe even some psychedelic ska... if that can even be a thing. The song feels more freeform and loose, and is a fantastic nearly five minute freak out that seems longer than it is while making you still crave more. It's a loud funky song that makes you want to stroke you chin, bang your head, and dance all at the same time.

You can listen to "Born Invincible" below. The song is available now via Bandcamp with all proceeds going to the International Refugee Committee which helps war refugees all over the world. (More information on the IRC can be found at their website.) For more on Eight Foot Manchild, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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