Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Marcus Lowry - "One Million Lights"

"One Million Lights" is Montreal's Marcus Lowry's debut as a solo artist. The song is a delicate and contemplative song that will most likely get labelled as folk even though it doesn't quite fit that. The song is more of an orchestral singer/songwriter song that is filled with a vast amount of strings, especially as it goes on. The addition of more and more strings adds to the power of the song, and adds energy without increasing volume or tempo. It's an ambitious and surprisingly simple debut single, and we're looking forward to what comes next.

Marcus Lowry says of his new single:

"At the time of writing my new single, I was reading Mary Oliver’s Devotions and was so inspired by her view of the world. It felt like she was so in tune with life and nature, embracing death with such calm and acceptance.

"I struggle with anxiety and hurry sickness, so the inevitable passing of time is definitely a recurring fear for me."

You can watch the video for "One Million Lights" below. The song can be found over at Bandcamp. For more on Marcus Lowry, check out the artist's website.

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