Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Molosser Crude - "At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)"

The latest single from Swedish duo Molosser Crude is more of the heavy blues/stoner rock we discovered with "Twin Moons" back in January, but "At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)" has a bit of a different sound. This new song might be even heavier, and is a mix of the original metal of Black Sabbath, jazz, and noise rock. Itb was recorded live in one take, and it's an absolute beast of a song. "At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)" is a dark, menacing song that makes you want to groove as hard as you can headbang to it. You're going to want to crank this one up and give it as many listens as you can handle.

Drummer/vocalist Tess says of the new song:

“I really don’t like talking too much about my lyrics. That might stop people from finding things I didn’t know were there, and that would be a pity. When it comes to ‘At My Feet’, though, I can tell you that it’s about facing the dark side rather than turning a blind eye to it. It’s when we pretend that the dark stuff is not there that the really nasty things start to happen.”

You can listen to "At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)" below. The song is currently available on Bandcamp. For more on Molosser Crude, check out the band's Facebook and Instagram.

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