Friday, February 10, 2023

OK Cool - "normal c"

Photo by Kennedy Cottrell

OK Cool are the Chicago based duo of Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist. The band's new single, "normal c," keeps its feet grounded firmly in the world of indie rock, but it's not quite your standard indie rock song. It's a little lighter and breezier than typical indie rock. This one is reminding me a lot of a slightly stripped down Weakened Friends, or if Belle & Sebastian decided to rock out harder. "normal c" is a fuzzy dream pop song with just a little more of an edge than you expect with dream pop. This is a fun and compelling song you're going to want to cram into your ears as soon as possible and as often as possible.

Bridget Stiebris says of the new song:

I wrote this song about the heaviness I sometimes feel about being out in public, and the eventual conclusion that sometimes I can just accept that feeling without digging into the underlying meaning, or feeling like it’s something that needs fixing."

You can watch the video for "normal c" below. fawn is due out April 28 on Take A Hike Records, and can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp. For more on OK Cool, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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