Friday, February 24, 2023

Sunshine Riot - "So It Comes"

Photo courtesy Sunshine Riot

A lot of music gets labeled grunge these days, and most of it is just 90's influenced alt-rock and not actual grunge. Boston's Sunshine Riot is actually grunge, or at least alt-grunge. Their new single, "So It Comes," has that growl mixed with fuzzy guitars that is truly required to be grunge. There is just a certain style of guitar fuzz required, and they nail it. Plus, Jonny Orton has more than a little of Kurt Cobain's snarl in his vocals. "So It Comes" is a little poppier than a lot of 90's grunge, but it does include some psychedelic elements which makes it more along the lines of The Gits or Mother Love Bone. This is the kind of song that is going to elicit some nostalgia even though it's brand new.

Jonny Orton says of the new song:

"It's a song about the human condition, and the speed with which a person can change from one mood to the next. There is this wonderful Buddhist saying that I heard recently that really struck me -- and which I'm probably not characterizing exactly right -- but it goes something like: 'The changes are but the weather, I am the sky'. The song parallels that idea of multidimensionality of the human condition with city life itself."

You can listen to "So It Comes" below. The Steve Albini recorded Loud, Bright and Violent is due out in April. For more on Sunshine Riot, check out the band's website.

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