Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Bad Larrys - "Skating Upstream"

Last summer, I discovered Massachusetts' own Bad Larrys, and wrote about their (at the time) most recent single "Fantasy." Fifteen days later they announced they were breaking up. Turns out they had one more song for us all, and just released it last week. "Skating Upstream" might be one of the greatest final songs of all time. It has the absolute perfect combination of indie rock noise, power pop hooks, and phenomenal harmonies that you don't normally get in the world of indie rock. The music is driving, with fuzzy guitars and a bouncy bass line, but those vocal harmonies are just maddeningly perfect. If you're just discovering Bad Larrys, you're both welcome and I'm sorry. It's gonna hurt discovering a band this fantastic just too late.

You can listen to "Skating Upstream" below. For more on Bad Larrys, check them out on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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