Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Natvral - "Lucifer's Glory"

The Natvral (aka Kip Berman's post The Pains of Being Pure at Heart musical project) is back with new music. "Lucifer's Glory" continues Berman's dabbling into t6he world of Americana, but this single amps it up a notch. Considering Berman now lives in New Jersey, it's very easy to compare any roots based singer/songwriter to Bruce Springsteen, but in the case of this song it's also very apt. "Lucifer's Glory" isn't quite as anthemic as Springsteen's arena rock hits, but it's also not quite as stripped down as Nebraska. This one is more like early Springsteen when he was still working it out at The Stone Pony and before he was a national sensation. The star quality is still there, but in a bit of a more scrappy, indie rock kind of way.

Kip Berman says of his new single:

"Don’t let the title fool you— It’s not a full throated 'Hail Satan,' but it is full throated. I suppose I could’ve called it 'Paradise Lust.'"When you hit rock bottom, but wish you could fall deeper - when you’re proud to lose, ‘cuz you know the kind of people who win- when only what’s missing remains…"Sure, It’s perverse, crushing, and wrong. But it’s also alright. There were other options, but only one choice. That’s Lucifer’s Glory."

You can listen to "Lucifer's Glory" below. Summer of No Light is due out September 1 on Dirty Bingo Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on The Natvrl, check out the artist's website.

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