Thursday, May 11, 2023

feeble little horse - "Pocket"

Photo by Micah E. Wood

"Pocket" is one of those songs that you'll never be able to predict what is coming next. The latest from feeble little horse starts out as this lovely little dream pop, maybe slowcore kind of song. And then it just keeps morphing into other songs throughout. Some of these transitions are wild, and some are gradual. Honestly, I don't even want to try to describe the genres the song cycles through, or even hint at what they could be. The song is so incredibly inventive and exciting to listen to that having an idea as to what is coming up next could ruin your listening experience. Please, check this one out and enjoy!

Lydia Slocum says of her band's new song:

For me ‘Pocket’ was a song about being single and not knowing what to do with myself. I got in the habit of showing someone affection and I liked it but then that ended and I just had all these kisses and hugs burning a hole in my pocket! I felt locked out often and like I was just stuck haunted by my old love and it felt like a dead man that wouldn't leave me alone because the thoughts of it were so intrusive and repetitive.

You can watch the video for "Pocket" below. Girl With Fish is due out June 9 on Saddle Creek and is available for pre-order here. For more on feeble little horse, check out the band on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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