Friday, May 26, 2023

Only Child - Srs One

It feels like we've been bringing you singles from Only Child forever, and now we finally have an EP from the project of Boston multi-instrumentalist Christopher James Martin. Srs One was produced by Casey Desmond, and features five songs described as "camp-pop." As you can tell by that description, Srs One is an absolute blast. Martin's influences for the project are artists like Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Tegan and Sara, and Robyn. The songs explore Martin's queer identity, with clever lyrics and a level of drama not typically heard in pop music. As someone who typically recoils from music described as pop, I am completely drawn in by the music of Only Child. I think it's because I do have a nostalgic love of pop music from the late 80's and early 90's, from before I allowed music snobbery to take over. Srs One is definitely inspired by that time period. Plus, Only Child is just fun, both musically and lyrically. Sometimes, especially in the realm of indie rock, it's easy to forget that music can just be fun for the sake of being fun.

Christopher James Martin says of his new EP:

"Something in these songs definitely called out to me and each other. I think because they felt of a kind, while at the same time showcasing different sides of myself as a songwriter. I think because they feel equal parts light and dark, or happy and sad, even if it's in different ways." 

You can listen to Srs One below. The EP is out now via Casey Desmond's Jungle Up Records label. For more on Only Child, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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