Wednesday, May 3, 2023

TIFFY - "Social Sliding"

Photo by Cam Cavagnaro

TIFFY (aka Tiffany Sammy) is a Boston based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Her latest single, "Social Sliding," fits into her self-described sound of soft punk. The song is a gloriously DIY mixture of pop, dream rock, and punk. TIFFY is definitely pop leaning, but there is just enough of an edge with a song like "Social Sliding" to keep things interesting. That might be the true charm of TIFFY as an artist: No one sounds quite like her. There are some strong and obvious influences with her music, but it's all put together in a completely unique way in songs that only she could write. Even if "Social Sliding" doesn't work for you right away, I urge you to keep listening to the end. This is the kind of song that could very well end up winning you over.

Tiffany Sammy says of the new song:

"The song is about feeling like you're sliding around in a social scene, losing something you had before or feeling you have to follow what everyone else seemingly cares about. BUT ultimately social hierarchy is a dumb perceived notion and means nothing. :) 

You can listen to "Social Sliding" below. For more on TIFFY, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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