Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Chelsea Curve - "How Can I (Resist You)?"

Photo by Joshua Pickering

Fresh off being finalists for the 2023 Rock & Roll Rumble, Boston's The Chelsea Curve have a brand new single out today. "How Can I (Resist You)?" is just a pure garage rock ripper. It's just over three minutes of jangly guitar rock and power pop with enough edge to keep it punk but still being a little too catchy to be truly punk. The song just oozes with edge and Linda Pardee's vocals just cut like a blade. There's a lot of a 60's mod sound with "How Can I (Resist You)?," but it never sounds like too much of a throwback track. We've been on board The Chelsea Curve's bandwagon for a while now, and this is a perfect time for you to join us.

Linda Pardee says of the new song:

“‘How Can I (Resist You)?’ is a song of longing and desire, of pining from afar, of an obsessive love… but exactly who, or should I say what, is the mystery. I had a melody line in mind that reminded me a bit of The Lemonheads and Elvis Costello. The melodies for the verses and chorus have a decidedly ‘80s bent to them. We went through a few arrangement ideas as a band to get it just right. Lyrically and vocally, I’m singing about yearning/loving from afar and as the song goes on you can hear the narrator getting more and more obsessed.”

You can listen to "How Can I (Resist You)?" below. The song is out now via Red On Red Records. For more on The Chelsea Curve, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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