Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek - "Yes!"

Photo by Jamie Kelter Davis

Prepare to have your mind blown by this new single from Damon Locks and Rob Mazurek. The Chicago based duo have crafted this new song that is truly impossible to define. Their upcoming album has been assembled to sound like a listener is switching radio stations, and "Yes!" has that feel. For lack of a better term, "Yes!" will probably get labelled hip hop, but that's not entirely right. It's more spoken word, so you'll get some Gil Scott-Heron vibes, but the music has this odd, almost industrial sound. The song plods along with one of the most intriguing beats you've ever heard. It sounds like you're sitting at a stoplight, and the music from your car mixes with the music from another car and also from a window across the street, but it sounds like this perfect melding of sounds... and then it's gone.

You can watch the video for "Yes!" below. New Future City Radio is due out July 28 on International Anthem, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Damon Locks, check out his website. You can find more on Rob Mazurek here.

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