Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Family Township - "Cross the Line (Oh Andrea)"

Boston's The Family Township have a unique but instantly recognizable sound. Their latest single, "Cross the Line (Oh Andrea)," is a synth heavy, retro power pop song. In some ways it sounds like it could be the theme for some forgotten 1980's teen movie, but it has far too much jangle and fuzz in the guitars to just be an 80's throwback. While most current Boston power pop bands tend to go back to the 70's or 90's, not many mine the 80's. "Cross the Line (Oh Andrea)" is a surprisingly fun power pop song without a shred of irony. This just rocks for the sake of rocking.

Lyricist Marc Pinansky says of the new song:

"This song tell the timeless story of a growing, unspoken love between two people as it hurtles toward its tipping point like an out-of-control train."

You can listen to "Cross the Line (Oh Andrea)" below. The single is available now via Red On Red Records. For more on The Family Township, check out the band's website.

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