Tuesday, August 1, 2023

In Between Days Festival Update

In the past few weeks, there have been some happenings over at the In Between Days Festival headquarters that have us even more thrilled about the upcoming event of the summer. First off, the schedules have been announced. The best part of the schedules is that there are no overlapping performances! I haven't seen a festival do this in years, and it's such a refreshing change. At every festival I've been to in the last ten plus years, I have to make a decision between two bands I was there to see, or at the very least having to leave one stage early to get over to catch another artist. That won't happen with In Between Days! Weakened Friends end at 5:45 pm, Sunny Day Real Estate starts at 5:45 pm. Perfection!

The next is the release of the festival map. In other festivals, a second or third stage can be tucked away from the main action and is easily forgotten about, or fans can have to choose between staying in a killer spot by a stage and missing out on what's going on at other stages. For In Between Days, the Arbella (aka second stage) appears to be about a forty five degree angle from the main stage, allowing for everyone to not miss anything trudging between stages. I haven't seen this type of set up since the glory days of the 90's Warped Tour or Locobazooka. Again, sometimes keeping it as simple as possible works out the best.

The festival is also teaming up with 1 Million Strong to provide a sober-supportive space. Seeing how alcohol friendly most live music events are, it's great to see support being provided for those that want it. It's the kind of step that is a game changer, and is pretty shocking that I've never seen this offered before.

The In Between Days Festival takes place at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy, MA on August 19 and 20. For more information and tickets, check out the festival's website.

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