Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Jolie Holland - "Haunted Mountain"

Photo by Chris Doody

If the title "Haunted Mountain" sounds familiar, you are correct. Both Jolie Holland and Buck Meek have upcoming albums with that name, and even both have their own versions of the title track that they wrote together. Buck Meek released his back in May, and we called it "... a ramblin' style country song," with "... the slightest hints of indie rock." Now it's Holland's turn. Her version of "Haunted Mountain" sounds more... well... haunting. It's a slower, more folk based version with indie rock leanings that feels heavier than Meek's. I can't think of any other time collaborators have recorded completely different versions of a song this closely to each other, but when both are this great, who can argue?

Jolie Holland says of her (and Buck Meek's) new single:

When he told me he was including our song on his next record, I was extremely pleased at the weirdness - I was going to release a version as well. We thought about it for a minute and decided it was bizarre and wonderful. I am enormously pleased that Buck chose it as his album name too.” 

You can listen to "Haunted Mountain" below. Jolie Holland's Haunted Mountain is due out October 6. For more on Jolie Holland, check out the artist's website.

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