Friday, August 4, 2023

Tall Teenagers - "April"

If Bandcamp is to be believed, it's been six years since we've heard new music from Providence's Tall Teenagers. Luckily, they are back with a new song! "April" is everything I came to love about Tall Teenagers back when I first saw them playing a benefit show at Columbus Theater in early 2020. It's a blend of vintage alternative rock with a little bit of alt-country thrown in. Back then I compared them to the noise of the Pixies and the melodies of Belly, and "April" fits that sound. It has that odd menace that classic Pixies songs had along with the warmness of Belly. Let's hope this is just the start of a landslide of new music from Tall Teenagers.

You can listen to "April" below. For more on Tall Teenagers, check them out on Facebook.

1 comment:

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