Monday, August 14, 2023

In Between Days Festival Preview: Paper Tigers

The first band playing the main stage at this year's In Between Days is Paper Tigers. They're an Allston based band that formed in 2019 through a Craigslist ad. In the four years they've been a band, Paper Tigers have received a ton of accolades, and I'm actually quite shocked they only formed such a short time ago. Last year they played Boston Calling, and once you hear them, you'll understand why they're such a beloved band in the Boston music scene. They play an ultra-catchy version of mainstream alt-rock. Mainstream can be used as a derogatory term, but for Paper Tigers it's a compliment. This is the kind of band that would be blowing up all over the airwaves if there was still modern rock radio in Boston, and still are just one song from a national explosion. If there are any rock bands in Boston that could be poised to be The Next Big Thing, it's Paper Tigers. (Plus, their drummer, Cutty, has been filling in for Tysk Tysk Task for the past few months, so we're obviously fans.)

You can watch the video for "A Portrait of a Scene" below. For more information on Paper Tigers, check out the band's website, and be sure to see them Saturday August 19 at In Between Days at 12:30. Tickets are more information can be found here.

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