Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Eldridge Rodriguez - "The Strange Things That Happen to People"

Photo by Tim Bugbee

Boston's Eldridge Rodriguez are swinging for the fences on their latest single. "The Strange Things That Happen to People" has a huge sound that is nearly arena ready, but will still sound perfectly at home in dive bars. The song has this epic thrust to it that reminds me of U2, but also a much darker feeling that is more like Joy Division. While most arena rock tends to be uplifting (tens of thousands of people don't typically gather together to mope), Eldridge Rodriguez anchor that in a more downbeat song. It's an interesting dichotomy that makes us even bigger fans of this band.

You can listen to "The Strange Things That Happen to People" below. Atrophy is due out September 15 on Midriff Records. For more on Eldridge Rodriguez, check out the band's website.

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