Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Freebie: 7th Victim - The Tombstone Jacket EP

For casual fans of The Dead Milkmen, this new EP from Rodney Anonymous's other band, 7th Victim, might come as a surprise. If you've been following their recent output, 7th Victim makes perfect sense. This new project lets Rodney indulge his love of electronic/synth music. On The Tombstone Jacket EP, which consists of four rough mixes of songs that will be on their debut album, Rodney provides "electronic tomfoolery" behind Janet Bressler's vocals. As for what the music sounds like, it's not like the mainstream industrial I'm familiar with (sorry!), and if I'm going to compare it to anything it would be John Carpenter's film scores. Rodney does assume vocals for one song, "Kleptoid," which is about how the band formed in Stockbridge, UK in 1976 opening for Ted Nugent. So there are some similarities to The Dead Milkmen.

You can listen to "Her Name is Witch" below. Giallo, the debut album from 7th Victim, will be out in the future. You can download The Tombstone Jacket EP for free via Bandcamp. If you choose free for the "name your price" option, at least make sure to follow 7th Victim on Facebook.

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