Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tiny Ruins - "Olympic Girls"

Photo by Georgie Craw
Adding to the insane amount of great music coming from New Zealand lately is Tiny Ruins. "Olympic Girls" is squarely planted in our current favorite genre of music: Equally in the worlds of both indie rock and neo-Americana. There are strong elements of roots music, but the instrumentation pulls it away from folk a bit and indie the realm of indie rock. It also includes just the slightest hints of Celtic music, particularly in Hollie Fullbrook's vocals. It's generally a straightforward song with these odd and interesting flourishes that keep sucking you right in.

You can watch the video for "Olympic Girls" below. Olympic Girls, the album, will be released on February 1 via Ba Da Bing. It's Tiny Ruins's third album but first American release, and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Tiny Ruins, check out their website.

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