Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Friday (on a Wednesday) Freebie: Matt Pond PA - Deer Apartments

Normally when an artist realizes that their classic album is twenty years old, they release a deluxe reissue with every version of songs ever recorded, rarities we already bought on UK only singles, and maybe a live cut or two just to make sure to squeeze every last dime out of us (and with the music industry being what it is, can we blame them?) Not Matt Pond PA. This is the twentieth anniversary of their debut album Deer Apartments, so they're just giving it away as a free download. For some reason I have never delved this far back into Matt Pond PA's catalog, and I somehow missed this back in my college radio days, but Deer Apartments is simply brilliant. While there is still the fantastic hook filled songwriting rooted in Tom Petty style Americana, it's all immersed in a heaping helping of late 90's indie rock. I'm pretty embarrassed this is my first listen of this album. 

You can download Deer Apartments for free over at Matt Pond PA's website. Of course, if you want a physical copy of the album, there are pre-sale bundles of the limited edition cassette available here. In an email, Matt Pond is promising a new EP, Free Fall, due next week. We're not sure if it will be under the retired name of Matt Pond PA, the newer name of Spaceland, or an as yet unannounced name. We'll let you know once we do.

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