Monday, October 29, 2018

Store Front - "Go for Broke"

Store Front either met in the most or least punk rock way, depending on your perspective. Back in 2013, Peggy Wang was working an office job while playing bass in The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. She heard someone in the office singing The Replacements and met writer Amy Rose Spiegel. The two started writing songs together, and five years later have formed Store Front and are releasing their debut single. 

To keep the band forming in an office vibe going, "Go for Broke" is about living in New York City and trying to pay your rent while still having a creative outlet. Musically, "Go for Broke" reminds me of 90's bands that are now reclassified as dream pop like Belly or Lush, but a more upbeat version of those bands. Plus, even before I read their bio and saw that Spegel was a writer the song had a literary feel to it.

You can listen to "Go for Broke" below. The single is available now on Store Front's Bandcamp. For more on Store Front, check out their Twitter.

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