Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Freebie: SkyTigers - Appetite for Reconstruction

As I mentioned earlier this week, we don't cover a whole lot of heavy music here at If It's Too Loud..., so when we do, you know it's because we really like it. Massachusetts's SkyTigers are one of those bands we can get into. Their debut EP, Appetite for Reconstruction, is a five song burst of thrashy heavy metal meets hardcore punk. I would simply classify it as hardcore, but the guitar solos are too epic to just be called hardcore. Plus, they somehow have some great pop punk harmonies hidden in the noise. Normally this is something I hate, but SkyTigers prove that heavy music can have hooks. 

You can listen to "Knuckleduster" below. SkyTigers's EP, Appetite for Reconstruction, is available now for free on Bandcamp. If you choose zero for the "name your price" option, at least give them a follow on social media. You can find them on Facebook here.

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