Monday, October 22, 2018

Leland Sundries - "If You're Gonna Drive, I'm Gonna Drink"

When a band calls their song "If You're Gonna Drive, I'm Gonna Drink," no matter what style of music they play, you know exactly what you're going to hear. Leland Sundries might not normally play old school honky tonk style country, but "If You're Gonna Drive, I'm Gonna Drink" certainly fits that. The song does go off into an unexpected 90's alternative by way of The Beach Boys towards the end, so it does remind me a bit of Cracker's country output. 

What is strange is that you would expect a b-side called "Lone Prairie" would be more of the same, but while it does have some country elements, it's much more straightforward alt-rock. It's the kind of 90's alt-rock that was heavily country based and influenced even though none of us could or would recognize or admit that back then.

You can listen to "If You're Gonna Drive, I'm Gonna Drink" below. The latest single from Leland Sundries is available now via Bandcamp. For more on Leland Sundries, check out their website.

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