Friday, April 3, 2020

Allegra Krieger - "The Push and the Pull"

Photo by Liz Maney
Hailing from Brooklyn, Allegra Krieger has released a new single, "The Push and the Pull." It is an incredibly simple and beautiful indie folk song. Krieger isn't rewriting the rules of songwriting or the genre of indie folk. There's a lot that is familiar here... but that's perfectly ok. "The Push and the Pull" is one of the most gorgeously compelling songs you've heard all year. In its simplicity, you're sucked in by Krieger's vocals, which are simply stunning. As you listen a few times, you start paying more and more attention to her songwriting. This is a masterful song that truly demands your attention.

You can listen to "The Push and the Pull" below. The single is available now via Northern Spy Records. For more on Allegra Krieger, check her out on Facebook.

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