Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Virginia Trance - "Some People"

We first came across Virginia Trance (aka Scott Ryan Davis's musical project) with their ode to Lou Reed "Hello Lou Reed." The latest single from their forthcoming album, "Some People," keeps the theme going as according to a press release the new song is Velvet Underground inspired. You'll definitely hear the Velvet Underground influence in "Some People," especially in Davis's vocals. There's definitely a feel reminiscent of songs like "I'm Waiting for the Man" here. Except Virginia Trance are far sunnier sounding than The Velvet Underground could ever pull off. Also, there's more of a down home Americana sound with "Some People." It's less filthy NYC streets in the 60's and more laid back Southern chill. 

David explains the lyrics: "This is a call for compassion if anything. I was partially responding to the unexpected death of a friend and mentor. Abstracting the real facts and casting a wider net. Anger, Loss, and misunderstanding. A Janus pointing in every direction with a bed of country-esque jingle-jangle guitars (where is Michael Nesmith?). The saxophones wash over the listener offering release to some people like you and me."

You can listen to "Some People" below. Vincent's Playlist, the upcoming album from Virginia Trance, will be out May 8 on BYM Records. For more on Virginia Trance, check them out on Instagram and Bandcamp.

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