Monday, April 27, 2020

Henry Jamison featuring Ed Droste - "Green Room"

Vermont's Henry Jamison reached out to Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste about collaborating on a song, and we should all be thrilled that Droste agreed. That song, "Green Room," is an absolute folk pop delight. As a music fan, it's been thrilling seeing Jamison grow as an artist. Years ago we wrote that he showed an incredible potential, and with a song like "Green Room" he's just starting to reach that potential. Plus, it might be the best song ever inspired by the film Spirited Away.

Jamison explains: 

The song is specifically about being in LA and seeing the movie Spirited Away come on the TV while I half-slept on the green room couch. It was my then-ex-girlfriend’s favorite movie and brought on a flood of memories. It also features a very compelling character called ‘No-Face’, a being who is so spiritually empty that it needs to devour everything in its sight, a mythical “hungry ghost”. Being in LA, home to many would-be stars, I was forced to ask if I was a hungry ghost myself, as my career had taken me away from so many things I missed so badly.

You can listen to "Green Room" below. Tourism, the upcoming EP from Henry Jamison that also features collaborations with Darlingside, Fenne Lily, and Lady Lamb, will be out May 15 on Color Study. For more on Henry Jamison, be sure to check him out on Twitter and Facebook.

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