Thursday, April 2, 2020

Prateek - "All the Stars"

Photo via Facebook
Boston's own Prateek is one of those artists we feel obligated to bring to you. He deserves far more attention than he gets, and he's going to explode if he's ever given that attention. His latest single, "All the Stars," is the kind of song that demonstrates this. It's a mainstream acoustic folk song. Your mom would hear this and decide it's nice. You could hear "All the Stars" in literally every coffee shop in America. But, unlike most music that your mom finds nice and gets played in coffee shops, this song is incredibly good. Prateek has this quality that I can't describe that is just so captivating. It could be that is voice, while fitting this genre of music perfectly, has a unique vibe to it that sets it apart and sucks us music snobs in. It also doesn't hurt that Prateek can write a hell of a song.

You can listen to "All the Stars" below. For more on Prateek, check out his website.

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