Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Gray Bouchard & The Dedications Cover The Cars

Photo by Lauren Piandes
As we all sit in quarantine for longer and longer, we're all getting bored and videochatting with groups of friends is getting more and more common. This is also leading to bands hopping on Zoom or another software and practicing or even recording. We're all for this, especially when it leads to kick ass covers. The latest is from Gray Bouchard & The Dedications. The power pop leaning towards pop but also some pretty epic rock band have recorded a cover of The Cars beyond classic "You Might Think." If you've been listening to their album Love in the New World as obsessively as we have since it was released a lifetime ago in February, this is a perfect cover for The Dedications. They stay faithful to the original, albeit with crunchier guitars. Bouchard even does an admirable job singing in his own voice and not imitating Ric Ocasek. (That might sound obvious, but have you ever sung this song out loud without doing an Ocasek impression?)

You can watch the video for Gray Bouchard & The Dedications version of "You Might Think" below. For more on Gray Bouchard & The Dedications, check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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