Thursday, April 23, 2020

Puppy Problems - "Villain Story"

Photo via Facebook
One thing that quarantine has given us is a bunch of benefit compilations featuring one-off songs from some of our favorites. Outlive the Sun: ERASED! Tapes benefit comp is from Boston label ERASED! Tapes featuring sixty nine (nice...) tracks to benefit Cosecha, which is raising money to help undocumented immigrants in the U.S. facing financial hardships due to COVID-19, and Families for Justice as Healing, which is working to end the incarceration of women and girls. One of the songs on this compilation is from Puppy Problems. Their song, "Villain Story," is a stripped down near folk track, but much more along the lines of 90's bedroom recordings. It's just vocals and a quietly fuzzy guitar drawing the listener in. Hearing songs with this sound happens less and less frequently, and for those of us raised on this sound, "Villain Story" will be like a warm blanket of nostalgia.

You can listen to "Villain Story" below. The song is available as part of Outlive the Sun: ERASED! Tapes benefit comp, which is available now on ERASED! Tapes's Bandcamp. For more on Puppy Problems, check them out on Facebook and their own Bandcamp.

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