Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cuddle Magic - "What If I"

I first discovered Cuddle Magic years ago because of their ties to both David Wax Museum and Lady Lamb. When your members are associated with those artists, you're guaranteed we're going to listen. The New York/Philadelphia chamber pop sextet are set to release a new album and they've shared the first single, "What If I." It's a gorgeously layered song that's perfect in its simplicity. The entire album was recorded using twenty three microphone in a bathroom without headphones, amplification, or overdubs. If "What If I" sounds this amazing recorded in such a unique way, maybe more artists should try that out.

Guitarist/Vocalist Benjamin Lazar Davis says of the song: “'What if I' is the first and only song in 15 years of being a band that every member of Cuddle Magic wrote a song together. The track started when Cole Kamen-Green brought in this amazing seed that was a little loop he found in a Johann Sebastian Bach chorale. Then Christopher McDonald joined us to work on another section that would later become the bridge. Much later, Kristin Slipp and I took out the old seed and soon had the chorus melody, & it was that night that Alec Spiegelman and David Flaherty showed up and together we would complete the lyrics to the song and put the finishing touches on the melody and form."

You can listen to "What If I" below. Bath, the new album from Cuddle Magic, will be out July 3 on Northern Spy. You can pre-order the album here. For more on Cuddle Magic, check out their website. The band is also giving away bathroom essentials such as bidets and toilet paper (2020, y'all...) to their followers on Spotify.

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