Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Thee Sinseers - "What's His Name"

Listening to "What's His Name," the latest single from The Sinseers, you would never expect that they just formed in East Los Angeles in 2019. This simply can't be a band just a little over a year old, especially from California. "What's His Name" sounds like a soul/R&B song recorded fifty years ago that was just rediscovered. Even the recording sounds vintage. This is old school/vintage soul that has just been perfectly executed. Usually the singer is what sets a neo-soul song apart from others, and while Joey Quinones is delivering exceptional vocals, The Sinseers's exquisite use of horns and backing vocals truly makes this song a gem.

You can listen to "What's His Name" below. The single is available now on Colemine Records as part of their weekly "Brighter Days Ahead" singles series. You can get a copy now via Bandcamp. For more on The Sinseers, check them out on Instagram.

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