Monday, June 8, 2020

Ian O'Neil Covers Chuck Berry

There are roughly a million benefit compilations for everything going on in the world right now. Since getting bands together to write and record new music is virtually impossible, we're seeing a ton of solo covers getting released, which is one of very few positives these days. One of my favorites I found this past weekend was Ian O'Neil of Deer Tick covering Chuck Berry's classic "Brown Eyed Handsome Man." Chuck Berry songs are the best to cover since it's virtually impossible to mess up any of the perfect songs he wrote. O'Neil's cover is definitely more folky than old time rock 'n' roll, mostly since it's a solo acoustic songs, which always sound a little folky by default.

You can listen to Ian O'Neil's version of "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" below. The song is one of forty two tracks on Protest & Survive Compilation put out by Protest & Survive out of Asheville, NC. The compilation is to benefit bail funds and legal aid for protesters. You can find the compilation here. For more on Ian O'Neil, check out his Twitter.

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