Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Melvins and Mudhoney Cover Black Flag

Black Flag seem to be the band of the moment to cover. For some reason, they're just one of those bands that has never truly clicked for me, but when The Melvins and Mudhoney team up to cover them? That I can't resist. Calling the project "Mudvins," the two legendary Washington state bands released a cover of 1984's "My War." It's a mostly straightforward cover. It might be a step slower than Black Flag's original, but The Melvins and Mudhoney amp up the sludge and grunge and somehow make it heavier. Plus, anytime we can hear Mark Arm unleash a truly epic howl, we're on board. Every time.

You can listen to The Melvins and Mudhoney's take on "My War" below. The song is available on a collaborative four track EP called White Lazy Boy on Amphetamine Reptile Records. As of this writing, the CDs are sold out, but you can check to see if it's been restocked here. For more on The Melvins, check out their website. For more on Mudhoney, check out theirs.

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